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Industry Description

Industry Description


Change the way you think about the traditional face recognition technologies

ZKBioFace facial recognition system is a smart device ZKBioFace facial recognition system based on ZKTeco’s AI algorithm which can activate facial recognition of certain facial templates. The system adopts professional facial recognition servers. The target library capacity supports up to 1 million images and supports. It supports 4, 8 or 16 cameras, multi-channel expansion supported.

The system is mainly composed of front-end HD cameras and back-end servers. Its features such as fast recognition speed, accurate facial recognition, and fexible deployment are widely used in public security, business premises, buildings and temporary deployment areas.

Product Introduction

Product Specifications

Application for ZKBioFace


Office building


ZKBioFace Platform

The software is divided into 7 modules (video, recording, database, camera, deployment task, user, system)


Mobile device

The software supprts iOS and android device, notifcation will occured if there is an event occured.

Strength 1

Accurate facial recognition

Self-evolving facial recognition system with AI and deep learning tech

ZKTeco ZKBioFace is equipped with AI and Deep-learning functions which enables it to learn and make decisions information. like human, process massive data and simultaneously learn methods of categorization, and fnally process information.

Accurate recognition of up to 20 human faces in single frame
ZKBioFace is able to simultaneously recognize 20 different facial templates, which enables you to identify customers including VIP or blacklisted etc.

Strength 1

Accurate face recognition (cont'd)

Real-time facial recognition in complex environments in less than 1 second

The advanced facial recognition algorithm significantly enhances verification rate under complex background environments with its industry-leading speed of less than a second to verify a person.

Recognizes faces with make-up and dress-up including wearing hats, glasses, new hair style etc.

ZKBioFace facial recognition is not affected by verified persons’ make-up, clothing, facial expression, moustaches, hairstyles or glasses.

Strength 2

Support numerous face templates

Supports 1 million facial templates

ZKBioFace supports up to 1,000,000 facial templates to satisfy most enterprises’ needs of face recognition systems.

Speedy face registration less than 0.02 seconds per template;

Super-fast facial template batch registration: up to 1.25 million templates per hour

Generally systems takes a lot of time for saving data in initial setting. ZKBioFace speedy face registration enables completion of registration in less than 0.02 seconds per template. It also takes only an hour to save 1,250,000 templates to significantly save time for initial data entry.

Strength 3

Powerful system performance

Seamless integration with ZKTeco’s AI facial recognition camera FC series, supports IR, WDR and ICR function for diferent lighting environments

Pioneering face recognition algorithm significantly enhances ZKTeco ZKBioFace’s ability to perform face recognition under complex environments, the integration with hardware including IR / WDR and ICR functions, its recognition rate towards the randomness of lightness and facial expression has also been greatly increased.

Strength 4

User-friendly and full function software and mobile application

Blacklist and whitelist alerts

ZKTeco ZKBioFace Facial Blacklist is customizable for blacklisted and whitelisted faces, and is able to automatically recognize key suspects and trigger alarms for security staffs.

Strength 4

User-friendly and full function software and mobile application (cont’d)

Screen-capture registration from surveillance cameras

Support real-time upload of face image, in the meantime management staffs can directly capture screen image in live surveillance video and register clients’ faces.

Flexible face template grouping management

Apart from Blacklist and Whitelist categorizations of client information, users may also utilize the system for other categorizations. For examples, categorizing clients according to their values to enterprise for prioritized service to high-value clients, or categorizing clients into different types for client targeting analysis and planning of client service strategies.

Strength 5

Powerful integration

Full-function and direct API for third-party integration

Opening up Application Programming Interface (API) offers functional integration to users, like Google Map’s open up to Uber and OpenRice, it strengthen cooperation between ZKBioFace and different enterprises for more comprehensive product range and services.